10-11 March 2017


In speaking order

Dr Lucy Hone

Lucy, a consultant for The 100 Percent Project, is currently working with several Christchurch schools...

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A/Prof Mathew A White

Associate Professor Mathew A. White (PhD, University of Adelaide) is Director of ...

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Dr Paula Robinson

Following 12 years working as a senior executive, Dr Paula Robinson is now a registered, consulting Psychologist...

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Dr Aaron Jarden

Dr Aaron Jarden is a Senior Lecturer at Auckland University of Technology, a wellbeing consultant...

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Jill Pears

Jill Pears (MEd) is the Principal of Diamond Harbour school. During 2016, as Associate Principal at Sumner School in... 

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Grant Rix

Grant Rix is a leader in mindfulness training and delivery in New Zealand. Grant has created...

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Dr Jillian Darwish

Dr Darwish currently serves as president of Mayerson Academy, a professional learning services firm...

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Dr Denise Quinlan

Dr Denise Quinlan specialises in the science of well-being. She has published in international journals...

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Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP

For almost three decades Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP has been a pioneer with her groundbreaking work...

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John Quinn

John Quinn has been working with people and teams for the last twenty years in several setting including...

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Maree Bowden

Maree Bowden is a former Silver Fern and Canterbury Tactix netballer who is passionate about education...

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Gemma McCaw

Gemma McCaw is passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals as well as reach..

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